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KPG Motors is a collection of cars, stories of provenance, video, and fast facts about each car.

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GT cars, with competition heritage. This is the character of cars to be found in the KPG Motors collection. GT is a term much misused. It has been applied to the most prosaic of cars in the latter decades of the Twentieth Century. This was not always so. The term was first used on an Alfa Romeo RLSS in 1923. It was an evolution of the term Gentelman's Car. It meant a car of some challenge to drive. In the thirties it defined a car that demanded attention because of its performance. No less an implication of the road conditions of the time. In the case of the KPG collection, it relates to road cars derived from the Worlds Sportscar Championship.

The World Sportscar Championship was inaugurated in 1953. Its inception was in response to the dramatic international popularity of sports car competition. It was the arena from which some of the greatest competition cars in history came forth. The venues were legendary. The great road races of the Mille Miglia, Sicily's Targa Florio and the Tour de France. Mixed in were circuit races from Casablanca to Riverside. In a post war world the reputation of Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche were born, the legacy of Maserati, Alfa, and Aston Martin resumed their mantel.

In this caldron of competition the front engine car reached its apogee. In the hands of the astute, the mid engine car came forth in full flower. To support the racing effort of these limited production manufacturers, a small number of road cars were crafted for the capable. With minor modification to engine, fit with lessons learned of suspension, and clothed in the steel and aluminum of the world's finest designers and the craftsman's hammer, came forth the GT cars.

That is what we gather together at KPG Motors. The pictures can't truly portray an afternoon on an unwinding road, the reverberation heard echoing in ear and a steering wheel telling tales of the World Sportscar Championship.

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